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Holly Friesen, FNP

God blessed me with godly parents who instructed me in God's Word from the time I was small and modeled for me lives dedicated to serving God. I was saved at the age of four and at the age of thirteen committed my life to missions. Throughout high school and nursing school my burden for missions grew. From September 2004 – June 2006 I had the privilege of serving as an assistant missionary with ABWE in Lima, Peru. I was involved in a church plant, New Life Prenatal Center

and mobile medical clinics to needy areas in Peru where churches were being started or needed assistance. 

After this experience I felt the Lord was leading me to join ABWE full time and He directed my steps and my heart towards the ministry in southern Ukraine. As a part of my preparation for serving in Ukraine, I completed my nurse practitioner degree.

I am now a part of a team of missionaries working in southern Ukraine and live in the city of Odessa. The goal of ABWE in Ukraine is to strengthen the existing church, and to facilitate a church planting movement the will ultimately lead to a missions movement. One of the avenues we use to reach this goal is the mobile clinic ministry that holds monthly clinics in areas where national pastors and evangelists are working to start churches.
This ministry was begun in 1999 by Dr. Miriam Wheeler and is currently involved on a regular basis in 10 villages. As a nurse practitioner I have been able to assist in seeing and treating patients. This has provided me with many opportunities to share the hope of salvation with my patients and to encourage the believers in these villages. I have also enjoyed getting to know the pastors and their families that faithfully serve in these villages.

God has also given me a burden for pro-life ministry. While in Peru I saw how effective in can be as an evangelistic and discipleship tool. We plan to open a pregnancy care center in Odessa within the next couple of years. Abortion has had an impact on nearly every family in Ukraine in some way. Our desire is that this ministry will be used not only to save the lives of the unborn, but also to introduce their families to the Savior! As we partner with local churches in starting this ministry, we pray that it will become an effective tool in strengthening and growing the churches.