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May 2011 Dental Team Photos

Short Term Medical Teams

Medical teams to Ukraine are exhausting, exhilarating weeks! Usually a team comes for two weeks, and spends one week in the Odessa area and one week in the Kharkov area. We go to a different village every day Monday-Friday, these are sites where there is little or no health care and where we are in some phase of church planting. As we provide compassionate medical care, we have opportunities to share the glorious good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. There are so many needs and so many open doors! You will also get to visit local churches and see Odessa.

Who is needed on a medical team?

Ophthalmologists and dentists are the patients' top requests! Villagers have to go to a large town to get glasses or dental care, so usually they just suffer without. Because of the great need and severity of dental conditions, we only do extractions on these trips.

Who else is needed?

Primary care providers: family physicians, internists, pediatricians, family nurse practitioners, general P.A.'s
Specialists willing to do outpatient clinics: cardiologist, orthopedist, dermatologist
Nurses, pharmacists
We can take one student or non-medical assistant on each team.
Each team can have no more than 10 members, and a size of 7-8 is preferred. We are limited by the size of the places where we work, as well as available housing, transportation, and translators. Yes, you will have a translator!  We do not expect you to learn Russian before you come. Though we would recommend you at least try to learn the Russian alphabet and a couple of phrases.


When are the teams?

Ideally there is a team in the fall (October or November) and one in the spring (March or April). You can check the website calendar to see if dates have been posted or contact us for more information.

We prefer that everyone come for the whole two weeks, but understand that sometimes that is not feasible. We will work with you, if you can come for only one week, but we do ask that everyone plan arrive at the airport on the same flight on the same day.

What is the cost?

It is hard to predict in this roller coaster economy. Airfare is probably around $1200. The in-country cost of a two-week trip will be at least $900. That will cover your housing, transportation, translators, and most of your meals.

Where do I start?

For more information about trips, you can e-mail Dr. Miriam Wheeler at mrwheeler@abwe.cc or Holly Friesen at esperanza@abwe.cc . Each participant must fill out an application through the ABWE mobilization department.
 Email ABWE Mobilization for application.
For information about other opportunities for short term medical ministry with ABWE visit the ABWE Healthcare Ministries website.